Guitar Lessons – Grade 2

About Ben

Ben is a nine year old lad, and a complete beginner when he started learning the guitar, and we are now working on Rock School Guitar Grade 2.

What Ben is now playing

Ben plays a strat like his hero John Fuschanti and has chosen to do two songs from the Hot Rocks (sister book of the Rock School grades); Fleetwood Mac’s, ‘Albatross’ and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, ‘Californication’.  Each song requires learning very different guitar techniques, with finger slide on Albatross and cord strumming and bends on Californication.  The Hot Rock books are a great addition to the Rock School Book series, especially for kids, who can play the guitar licks of their heroes.

The future for Ben

Ben will be taking his Grade 2 Rock School Exams after Christmas.


Rock School Grade Books – 2012 to 2018

A Guide to Buying your First Electric Guitar

Electric guitars come in all shapes and sizes, so buying an electric guitar for you or your child can be confusing.  There are many makes and models, most of which are copies of the more expensive US made Fenders and Gibsons and a few other brands.

How much do you want to spend?

The first thing that you might want to consider is the amount of money that you want to spend on your electric guitar.  As with most things in life you get what you pay for, so beware of anything too cheap.

Does size matter?

If your child wants to lean the electric guitar and is nine and under, I would suggest a 3/4 size guitar.  Their size makes it easier for kids to reach the fretboard and have the same features as a larger electric guitar.  The only downside in my experience tends to be difficulty holding its tune and the strings tend to be much further away from the fretboard meaning that you have to push down harder to make a note.  These problems can be fixed with a few alterations to the saddle and bridge.  A 3/4 size guitar can be brought for about £80.

For a child who is nine to ten years and upwards, I would recommend a full size electric guitar with a small watt amplifier.  I would go for a ‘Fender Squier’ range of guitars which is at the cheaper end of Fender guitars, but they have been making Fender Squiers for over 30 years now.  These guitars are based on the classic ‘Stratocaster’ (played by Hendrix, Buddy Holly, Hank Marvin and many others) and the ‘Telecaster’ (played by Muddy Waters, Keith Richards and Eric Clapton).


Electric Guitar

Thank you card for Guitar Lessons

I have taught Joe and Erin (brother and sister) guitar for several years, but after I moved to Lilbourne, just outside Rugby in Warwickshire earlier this year I was forced to give up their guitar lessons.

Having to give up their guitar lesson was a real shame because they both really enjoyed their lessons.  Joe and Erin both achieved their grade three in their Rock School exams with flying colours.

A few weeks after their last lesson I was delighted to get a lovely thank you card from them both.  Take a look at the picture of it below.


Erin says: 

”Dear Martin, 

thank you for everything you’ve taught me on guitar for about 4 years.  I’ve learnt so much about how to perform in exams.  thank you! 

Love from Erin :-)”


Joe says:

”To Martin,

Thank you for these past years where you have taught us guitar.  I have learnt so much with you and hopefully never forget.

Thank you



Guitar Teacher Rugby

If you’re looking for guitar lessons in Rugby, Lilbourne, Catthorpe, Yelvertoft, Clifton-Upon Dunsmore or any of the villages surrounding rugby then don’t hesitate to contact me either by phone 07845 961345 or e-mail:

Piano Lessons – Grade 1 Student

What Level Freya was at the start of her Piano Lessons.

I have been teaching Freya the keyboard for a year of so now.  She was a complete beginner when she first started at the age of 10.  The piano lessons take place in her home which saves her parents driving out to me and waiting for Freya whilst she has her lessons!  This method of lessons is a real winner with parents!

Where Freya has got to with her Piano Lessons so far…

I started her piano lessons off by teaching her some basic chords and some simple tunes.  Freya has done well and is now progressing on to her Grade 1 Rock School exam.  Freya is loving the different styles of music in the Rock School grade 1 book.

We have completed a jazzy tune called Ten to Ten in the Rock School book and we are now working on the blues shuffle ‘Choo choo train boogie’ which is a bluesy shuffle in the style of Jimmy Yancey and Clarence ‘Pine top’ Smith.

What’s next for Freya and her Piano Lessons?

Freya hopes to take her Grade 1 Rock School exam early next year.

Looking for Piano Lessons in Rugby?

If you’re looking for song based or Rock School grade based Piano Lessons in Rugby or the surrounding villages then don’t hesitate to give me a call!