Eddie Cochran

Eddie is one of my all time favourite musicians. Born in Minnesota in 1938 his tragically short career only lasted a few years.

In the late 1950s Eddie was a rock and roll star famous for hits such as ‘summertime blues’ and ‘c’mon everybody’. He was a sharp dressed good looking young man and his music was guitar driven rock and roll.

With his orange gretsch 6120 guitar Eddie sang about girls, partying and teenage rebellion and epitomised the 50s rocker. He was also one of the first artists to experiment with multitrack recording and overdubbing which was very useful for Eddie as he could play many instruments.

Two of eddies best friends Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens died in a plane crash and Eddie had a premonition that he too would die young.

He wanted to give up life on the road and spend more time in the studio but financial pressures required him to continue touring and that led him to accept an offer to tour the u.k in 1960.

Tragically Eddie’s premonition came true and on April 16th 1960 he was killed in a car accident.

When I listen to Eddie’s music It’s hard not to think of what might had been had he lived.  The songs he left us with are very special and I guess we should be grateful for that!

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