The Last Great Guitarist?

Slash [real name Saul Hudson] is perhaps the last great guitarist to reach such popularity with the hugely influential band Guns and Roses.

Slash was born in 1965 and was raised in stoke on trent but moved to Los Angeles when he was 5. He took up the guitar in 1979 and would practice for 12 hours a day. In 1981 he joined his first band”Tidus Sloan” but it was in june 1985 that he was asked by Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin to join the newly formed G n R with Duff Mckagan and Steven Adler.

By 1987 after being signed by Geffen Records “Appetite for destruction”  was released and Slash was fast becoming a global superstar.With his trademark top hat and his Gibson Les Paul he belted out raucous riffs like welcome to the jungle, paradise city and rocket queen

His guitar playing on the album is sensational from heavy riffs to sleazy solos. As with any genius his playing is effortless and impossible to copy and what I love most of all is the way his solos are melody based, he doesn’t just widdle up and down the fretboard,he will have a hook or riff that makes you think “where did that come from”!

Certainly a true master of his art,and maybe one of the last great players to make it to such heights in an ever diverse music scene where the guitar solo is unfortunately becoming a rarity!

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