Keith moon. A true bad boy of rock.

Keith moon was famous for playing the drums with The Who. Before The Who exploded onto the rock scene drummers generally went unnoticed and tapped out a simple beat. Moon played with a free flowing energetic swagger, his arms swirling like helicopter blades. When he came off stage he looked like he’d ran a marathon.

Moon was as wild offstage as he was on. Often destroying hotel rooms , drinking and taking drugs. His nickname was Moon the Loon. He got bored when the band weren’t touring.

His drinking got out of hand in the early seventies with him drinking first thing in the morning. He was leading a destructive lifestyle. At a show in the 1973 in California moon passed out on his drum kit. The roadies tried to help him but he passed out again.  Townshend asked the audience if anyone could play the drums and a guy called scot halpin stepped up! In 76 moon passed out again after a couple of numbers.

On the 7th September 1978 Keith Moon died at the young age of 32. He was the first hellraiser of rock and a great musician. As with many great musicians  he succumbed to the excesses of a rock and roll lifestyle. The Who continue to play even now but their best years were when their wild man of rock was behind them.

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