Rockschool Grade Books

The Rockschool Grade books are not only a fantastic teaching aid but my students find the songs great to learn. The songs are based on famous songs by the likes of ACDC, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix etc. In each book there are 6 songs in various styles from rock to blues, funk and reggae. TheContinue reading “Rockschool Grade Books”

Ever wondered how to make money out of music?

Thinking of learning an instrument, wondering what you could do with your music once you get to a good standard? Then, if like me you are a struggling rock star with more emphasis on the struggling than the rockstar you might want to consider joining a wedding/function band. As with all jobs there are good and badContinue reading “Ever wondered how to make money out of music?”

The different ways to play the Harmonica

Ways of playing a Harmonica The harmonica has endured over the years because of its versatility in blues and folk.  Take Dylan and Little Walter, both of them play the harp (harmonica) in very different ways.  Dylan mostly playing what are called ‘straight harp’ meaning using the ‘blow holes’ more than the ‘draw’. Straight harpContinue reading “The different ways to play the Harmonica”

Christmas Gift Idea – Private Music Lessons!

Guitar, Bass, Drums or Keyboard Lessons for a Christmas Present If you live near Rugby, Lutterworth or any of the surrounding villages then why purchase some lessons in guitar, bass, drums or keyboard as a gift for your loved ones!? Sometimes it can be challenging to know what to buy your loved one for ChristmasContinue reading “Christmas Gift Idea – Private Music Lessons!”

About Me – Your local private music teacher

Hello all, As you may know, my name is Martin Dennison. I have recently moved to Lilbourne just outside of Rugby. Myself and my wife have been busy over the last few weeks dropping my guitar, bass, keyboard and drum lesson leaflets! So far we’ve delivered to Lilbourne, Yelvertoft, Catthorpe, Clay Coton, Swinford, Shawell, CliftonContinue reading “About Me – Your local private music teacher”