Drum Lessons – Grade 2 Student

Kai background – where his drum lessons started

I started teaching Kai drum lessons a couple of years ago and he was a complete beginner.  We started his lessons off with the basics by getting him to play some standard four four bass drum and snare beats which Kai picked up pretty quickly.  Kai was then an eager beaver to get on with his Rock School Grades!   Kai then went on to pass his Rock School Debut and Grade 1 in Drums.

What Drum piece I’m currently teaching Kai

Kai is are currently working on ‘Bleach’ from Grade 2 and ACDC’s ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ which is from the sister book ‘Hot Rocks’.  See AC-DC’s YouTube clip below.

There are some good beats going on here with lots to get your teeth into. Bleach is an up-tempo number with lots of tom tom work which Kai enjoys. When playing You Shook Me Kai thinks he is playing at Wembley stadium and even tries his stick twirling which is funny. After coming back down to earth we do some of the tech exercises which are made of paradiddles and different drum fills and patterns followed by some ear tests which end the book. As I leave he is still practicing AC-DC and no doubt back at Wembley stadium!

What’s Next for Kai and his Drum lessons?

Kai will keep practicing his drum songs including ‘Iron Man’ by Black Sabbath!   We are looking to put Kai in for his Grade 2 drums after Christmas.

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