Piano Lessons – Grade 1 Student

What Level Freya was at the start of her Piano Lessons.

I have been teaching Freya the keyboard for a year of so now.  She was a complete beginner when she first started at the age of 10.  The piano lessons take place in her home which saves her parents driving out to me and waiting for Freya whilst she has her lessons!  This method of lessons is a real winner with parents!

Where Freya has got to with her Piano Lessons so far…

I started her piano lessons off by teaching her some basic chords and some simple tunes.  Freya has done well and is now progressing on to her Grade 1 Rock School exam.  Freya is loving the different styles of music in the Rock School grade 1 book.

We have completed a jazzy tune called Ten to Ten in the Rock School book and we are now working on the blues shuffle ‘Choo choo train boogie’ which is a bluesy shuffle in the style of Jimmy Yancey and Clarence ‘Pine top’ Smith.

What’s next for Freya and her Piano Lessons?

Freya hopes to take her Grade 1 Rock School exam early next year.

Looking for Piano Lessons in Rugby?

If you’re looking for song based or Rock School grade based Piano Lessons in Rugby or the surrounding villages then don’t hesitate to give me a call!

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