Thank you card for Guitar Lessons

I have taught Joe and Erin (brother and sister) guitar for several years, but after I moved to Lilbourne, just outside Rugby in Warwickshire earlier this year I was forced to give up their guitar lessons.

Having to give up their guitar lesson was a real shame because they both really enjoyed their lessons.  Joe and Erin both achieved their grade three in their Rock School exams with flying colours.

A few weeks after their last lesson I was delighted to get a lovely thank you card from them both.  Take a look at the picture of it below.


Erin says: 

”Dear Martin, 

thank you for everything you’ve taught me on guitar for about 4 years.  I’ve learnt so much about how to perform in exams.  thank you! 

Love from Erin :-)”


Joe says:

”To Martin,

Thank you for these past years where you have taught us guitar.  I have learnt so much with you and hopefully never forget.

Thank you



Guitar Teacher Rugby

If you’re looking for guitar lessons in Rugby, Lilbourne, Catthorpe, Yelvertoft, Clifton-Upon Dunsmore or any of the villages surrounding rugby then don’t hesitate to contact me either by phone 07845 961345 or e-mail:

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