A blues legend.

Son house was one of the very early pioneers of the delta blues. He played slide guitar and his voice was a powerful  mean growl. Real name Eddie James he was born in Mississippi in 1902 and spent his early twenties preaching as a church pastor before he turned to the blues.

In 1930 he recorded with the legend charlie Patton ( whose recordings are well worth a listen even though they are of quite a poor recording quality. ). Unfortunately the recordings didn’t sell very well and though son house remained popular in his local area stardom evaded him.

Throughout the 30s son house influenced the legendary delta bluesmen  Robert Johnson and muddy waters. In 1941 and 42 he was recorded by the library of congress with Alan lomax but shortly after he gave up music and left the delta for Rochester New York

In 1964 he was rediscovered and his career took off once again. He recorded several albums and influenced many young English bands including the Rolling Stones and the who.

Son house died in 1988. A fantastic guitarist whose voice was like a foghorn. Check out death letter blues and grinning in your face.


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