The stone roses

The stone roses were around the Manchester music scene in the early 80s but it wasn’t until their 1989 album produced by John leckie that the band made it big. With the charismatic Ian brown on vocals and a fantastic trio of musicians in John squire on guitar, Mani on bass and Reni on drums the band had some great songs.

Their sound was a mix of 60s psychedelic pop fused with acid house grooves provided by Reni and Mani.  The album simply titled The Stone Roses was a huge success and still sells well today. Check out Made Of Stone and I am the resurrection. Two great examples of their ability to write great songs.

Unfortunately due to legal wranglings the bands second album titled The Second Coming didn’t get released for 5 years and wasn’t as well received but I still think it’s well worth a listen. Breaking into heaven shows the rhythm section at its funkiest allowing John squire to show what a great soloist he is.

The band split for many years but recently reformed and are playing gigs again.

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