The rise and demise of cream.

Cream were formed in 1966 by Ginger baker. Eric Clapton joined on the condition Jack Bruce was hired as bass guitarist. Clapton was already very established on the music scene in London and was considered the best blues guitarist in England.

The band produced 3 albums. Fresh cream in 1966, Disraeli gears in 1967, and Wheels of fire in 68  which was the worlds first platinum- selling double album.

The powerhouse trio were well known for their long live blues improvisations. Jimi HEndrix was a big fan and the band were forerunners to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Deep purple and Black Sabbath.

Unfortunately the band was not long lived due to tensions between Bruce and Baker that had festered for some time and Clapton saying that at one gig the volume was so loud that he stopped playing and neither Baker nor Bruce realised.

The bands biggest hits were “I feel free”, “Sunshine of your love” and “Crossroads”.

Cream are well worth checking out if you are into blues guitar with Clapton arguably doing his best work here with Cream.

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