Why Zep remain the ultimate blues rockers!

When I think of the term “blues rock” I instantly think of Led Zeppelin. For me they are the ultimate band when it came to playing heavy blues rock.

Formed in 1968 they had the archetypal set up of lead vocals, guitar, bass and drums. On guitar was Jimmy Page who was somewhat of a prodigy from a young age. He was a session musician well known on the music scene playing with bands such as The Yardbirds but Page wanted to form a heavier blusier sounding group.

Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones soon joined and the band went on to write some of the greatest riffs in rock history! Check out Whole Lotta Love , When The Levee Breaks and of course the classic Stairway To Heaven to name just a few.

Zeppelin had a solid heavy rhythm section with Bonham’s drums sounding like roaring thunder and John Paul Jones’ bass driving the song with simple yet explosive power. Pages’ guitar was what really gave the band their bluesy edge and in Robert Plant they had a vocalist whose awesome power and range took the band to a whole new level.

If you like your music heavy and bluesy stick some Led Zeppelin on and you won’t be disappointed!

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