The deluxe reverb

Every guitarist has their own preference for which guitar and amp they like best but for me the Deluxe Reverb by Fender wins hands down!

The amp has two channels with the only difference being one has reverb.  First introduced in 1963 the amp has an onboard spring reverb tank which gives the amp a wonderful sound.

Being a pure valve amp the only way to get any bite out of it is to crank it up and even tho it’s rated at a mere 22 watts when you turn the dial to 7 or 8 and plug in a guitar ( preferably one with humbuvkung pick ups) the amp sings like a bird! And it’s loud!

A strat will still sound sweet but you won’t quite get the bite that say a Gibson 335 would. This is my set up.

This amp is the most recorded amp in history! Probably partly because of its low wattage allowing it to be cranked in the studio. A legendary amplifier that you can buy new from just over a grand! Can’t say fairer than that!

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