The Kids Are Alright.

The Who are often overlooked when there is a top 10 of the best bands but for me they merit a place no problem.
Formed in 1964 they have sold over 100 million records and singer Roger Daltrey and guitarist Pete Townsend continue to perform 55 years later.
A string of early hits including My Generation , I cant explain and Substitute was followed up in 1969 with the bands 4 th album Tommy featuring the fantastic Pinball Wizard and See me Feel me.
It really is a great album and if you haven’t heard it you should get a copy.

The band had a reputation for being very loud with Townshend regularly smashing his guitars on stage and the hard drinking Keith Moon all cementing  their wild boys of rock status.
The Who has the classic line up of Frontman , guitar, bass, and drums. Townshend would spin windmills on his guitar and Daltrey whipping his mic they really were great showmen as well as having the songs to back it all up

All great things come to an end though and as with many flawed geniuses Keith Moon succumbed to rock and roll excess in 1978.

Check out the classic footage of the band at the Woodstock festival in 1969 and the Isle of Wight in 1970 !

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