Lockdown Blues.

Anyone else got the lockdown blues?
If you have a great way to practice the minor pentatonic scale is to jam around with those 5 sweet notes to see what riffs you can come up with.
The great blues men used this scale to great effect and kept it nice and simple.
The guitar doesn’t have to be complicated to get the blues man!
Check out the masters at work!
First off the great Son House.

I love this live version of Death Letter Blues

Next up the one and only Robert Johnson adding in some chromatic runs to this classic.

Ok now for some Muddy Waters! Love this guy! One of my all time favourite blues songs. It’s pure down dirty blues! Just Muddy , his guitar and a drum thumping!

Ok on to some electric guys. A bit of Freddie King! Awesome guitar licks. Freddie was a genius at mixing the major and the minor scales.

Let’s finish this super blog with a bit of jimi ripping up the rule book! More notes than you can shake a stick at and don’t ask me which scale they are from ! Yowser!

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