Learning music the fun way!

When I learnt the guitar over 30 years ago  I did it because I loved it. I always try to bring that same enthusiasm to my teaching. Music should be a joy not a hassle so whether you want to learn from a grade book to achieve a certain grade or you just want to learn some songs I will be able to help you.

I can teach you from the comfort of your own house or if you prefer I also do online lessons via zoom, what’s app or FaceTime. Please note that with the coronavirus pandemic I will wear a face mask on arrival and sit two meters away from you or your child.

I have played in many original and wedding bands for over 30 years and have built up a huge amount of musical knowledge and songs I know.

Long gone are the days of learning endless scales. The modern day rockschoool grade books are song based and although some scale memorisation is required it’s not the main focus.

I can also help you with learning songs you like which is a great way to keep things interesting and also to improve your playing.

So whether you want to learn the guitar, keyboard or drums please don’t hesitate to contact me.

One thought on “Learning music the fun way!

  1. I have been learning electric guitar with Martin, he has been taking me through the RockSchool grades, we’re now on level 5. I would highly recommend Martin as he is patient and understanding along with being flexible around lesson plans. If your looking to learn Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drums or Harmonica, then Martin come highly recommended. Thanks Martin.

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