Why Zep remain the ultimate blues rockers!

When I think of the term “blues rock” I instantly think of Led Zeppelin. For me they are the ultimate band when it came to playing heavy blues rock. Formed in 1968 they had the archetypal set up of lead vocals, guitar, bass and drums. On guitar was Jimmy Page who was somewhat of aContinue reading “Why Zep remain the ultimate blues rockers!”

Why it always comes back to the blues!

Whenever i pick my 335 up for a jam i always play the blues. i love the sound of that minor pentatonic scale. Sad and mournful. You don’t play the blues. You feel the blues! Playing the notes is one thing but its the subtle techniques of vibrato, slides, micro and quarter bends that bringContinue reading “Why it always comes back to the blues!”

This weekends antics -life in a function band!

For many years now I have been playing in a wedding band called superfuzz. We play all over the country and have a great time even though it can be tiring as it’s normally a late finish. This is one avenue any musician of a good standard can go down to earn some money usingContinue reading “This weekends antics -life in a function band!”