FIVE pointers for your first private music lesson

1. Arrange a day and time that suits us both. Lessons can take place at your home or workplace or wherever is suitaible for you. 2. Organise a quiet space for the lesson to take place with plenty of space to move around especially if you are learning the guitar. 3. Be ready to startContinue reading “FIVE pointers for your first private music lesson”

The rise and demise of cream.

Cream were formed in 1966 by Ginger baker. Eric Clapton joined on the condition Jack Bruce was hired as bass guitarist. Clapton was already very established on the music scene in London and was considered the best blues guitarist in England. The band produced 3 albums. Fresh cream in 1966, Disraeli gears in 1967, andContinue reading “The rise and demise of cream.”

Top 5 tips to becoming a skilful musician.

1. Choose a fantastic tutor.! A good tutor can really help you come on as a musician. There is no substitution for someone who has been playing for many years showing you the correct techniques and secrets to playing that you would never pick up anywhere else. 2. Start early! Its no secret that MozartContinue reading “Top 5 tips to becoming a skilful musician.”

Keith moon. A true bad boy of rock.

Keith moon was famous for playing the drums with The Who. Before The Who exploded onto the rock scene drummers generally went unnoticed and tapped out a simple beat. Moon played with a free flowing energetic swagger, his arms swirling like helicopter blades. When he came off stage he looked like he’d ran a marathon.Continue reading “Keith moon. A true bad boy of rock.”